kidsfromnowhereKids From Nowhere is an Austin-based band that was originally formed in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007 by songwriter Zach Wheat. The band is heavily influenced by Texas “outlaw” country music, and the British Invasion.

Zach once said that he started writing songs because he couldn’t see Rhett Miller shows at Largo after he left LA and he had a need to fill the void.

Kids From Nowhere have toured and played for  European and American audiences since releasing the Or Bahir (Eatliz, Amit Erez) produced LP, “Kick It In” in October, 2012.

Members include Zach Wheat (vocals, rhythm guitar), and newcomers Dave Warren (lead guitar, vocals), Ruben De La Rosa (bass, vocals), and Kasey Magee (drums), all Austin music veterans. All four members are natives of Corpus Christi, TX, and three (Zach, Dave, and Kasey) are graduates of Flour Bluff High School, a detail which kept the band’s name relevant.

Former members include drummer “Element” Yves Elisee Akowendo (Côte d’Ivoire), bassist Elad Avni (South Africa) and guitarist Babush Wald